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After being in the dating service field for more than ten years, Sandy has come to realize that the most frequently asked question is "what happens next?". To put her clients at ease, she very carefully details her introduction process, which you may preview here one step at a time, in preparation for your successful match:

You found The Right Choice- You've already completed the first step! You will now contact us by phone or by email to set up:
You will become acquainted with Sandy, who will be happy to answer any questions and go over the process. She will begin to get to know you, confirming your eligibility, sincerity and commitment. Sandy will then make an appointment to meet with you...

Joining Sandy in her comfortable, home-based office for a relaxed chat, you will have her undivided attention for approximately one hour... enough time for her to get to know you... who you are, your likes and dislikes... what you are looking for.

This is followed by a screening questionare, which Sandy gives to all her applicants. (Don't worry - She's just checking to see if you are who you say you are). You will then create a written confidential profile. This profile will be used, together with your personality study, to help Sandy judge your compatibility -- assuring a better match.

Finally, a picture will be taken which will be shown upon request. Now it's Sandy's job to make...

Sandy will review your profile and information and will endeavor to find the best candidate in her extensive files to match you with. All information is kept strictly confidential and ALL OF SANDY'S INTRODUCTIONS ARE MADE WITH ACTUAL SCREENED CLIENTS. Her background in psychology and over ten years in the field aid her in finding you a pleasing match.
Usually within one week (yes, that soon!) you will be contacted by mail with a notice of introduction. Upon it's return, you will receive information on the other person including age height, religion, education, their location & interests - all items that Sandy has carefully taken into consideration with your requests. It's then up to you to make...
You will each be given phone numbers so that you can contact each other, chat and arrange for a mutually agreed upon meeting. You are on the way towards...
Don't be nervous! Remember, Sandy's care in her choice has assured that the two of you are most likely compatible personalities with similar interests, likes & dislikes. Besides, you've both chosen your activity for this meeting, whether it's a night out on the town or a quiet rendezvous. Relax and, most importantly, enjoy getting to know each other. After all, that's what you both desire and why you've come to The Right Choice! After a great time, you'll...
Sandy will ask you to touch base and relay your accounting of the meeting. Sandy loves what she does and hopefully this has made for an exceptional introduction. Still, she would like you to inform her as to how things went and whether your expectations were met. In addition, any feedback will aid Sandy in refining your personal profile. This will help in any subsequent introductions. Remember, Sandy wants to add you to her success stories! With each prospective connection that she makes, she hopes that the couple will choose to...
This refers to when both clients are pleased with the match and the couple wishes to develop a more on-going relationship. You both can then put your memberships "on hold"... taking yourselves out of circulation while you explore this new and exciting connection in more depth. For most of Sandy's clients this is the final step, since many clients never ask to be taken off hold but decide instead to pursue committed relationships. These success stories are the reason Sandy does what she does! And she herself is committed to keep trying to find you the Right Choice in a partner.
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